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LFC Presentation Night

Here’s how our hosts, ‘Dumb & Dumber’ viewed the night:

Matthew Howell: Ok brod you start us off

Brody Phillips: Nah I won the toss and sent you in

Matthew Howell: The two blues 2015 b&f night at the Old Woolstore was a great evening for players across all 3 teams, partners, parents, friends and board members.

Brody Phillips:  Attendees were treated to a delicious banquet that was meticulously prepared by the Woolstore natives. There were carrots, there was broccoli, peas were present, green chicken curry was seen nestled in between a variety of roasted meats.
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Lindisfarne v Hobart – Seniors Match Report

Lindisfarne v Hobart – Seniors Match Report

Round 15 Anzac Park

Weather: Sunny, 13 degrees, winds mild tending northerly

Track condition: Slow 6

The Nu-Jet Two Blues graced the hallowed turf of Anzac Park for the eighth time this season in a tussle with their arch rivals the Hobart Tigers.

As expected it was a hotly contested beginning to the match up with Hobart competing admirably across the board. It wasn’t until around the 2 minute mark that Lindisfarne broke the shackles and opened their account via W Dare. From then onward, the first quarter was all Lindisfarne and if not for poor conversion (namely from the much maligned right hoof of Matt Howell) the game may have already been out of the reach of the Tigers.
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