Pre-Season 2010 Update

LFC 2010 PRE-SEASON UPDATE – A Players Perspective

With pre-season fast coming to a close and practice matches about to commence, it seems an opportune time to reflect on the LFC’s performance during the pre-season thus far.  The pre-season has seen us spend a considerable amount of time pounding the turf at Geilston Bay High School, along with some time spent at Risdon Brook Dam, Bellerive Beach and Risdon Vale Oval.  Irrespective of the venue, rest assured the sessions have been tough!


New coach, Chooky Rainbow, has been working the playing group extremely hard through the summer which should see the boys well prepared to take on Triabunna on the East Coast on Easter Saturday.  The sessions have generally involved around thirty minutes of running and fitness work prior to working on our skills and game related drills with the balls.  While the playing group have found the sessions tough, they have been varied and enjoyed by all on the most part.


The club has farewelled a few players since the end of season 2009, however we also welcome some new faces to the playing group for season 2010.  Dave Woolley is likely to be a welcome addition to the midfield, Leigh Milbourne is competing with Tom Robinson for the best rig at the club and Josh White has seen the light and joined the club from Sorell.


As for the current players Tom Robinson looks as though he is even bigger than last season (if that’s possible!), Scott “Fritz” Bester has taken on extra responsibility moulding the youth of the club as coach of the under 18s, Justin Myers has been solid, as always, during pre-season, but will most likely face his biggest test once the season starts to ensure he remains uninjured.  Shaun Haberfield has been outstanding and not missed a target by foot since round 13 2008, ageing superstar, Kaine “Mr Sheffield” Menzie, has a new lease on life after kicking the habit over summer, Brad Johnson has carried his good form from the Footy Trip on the Gold Coast on to the training track and reappointed captain, Nick Braslin, is keen to spend more time forward this season.  It is worth noting for the female fans of the LFC, that youngster Kase “Muggsy” Miller has been performing well and will no doubt provide plenty of eye candy for them this year!


Numerous underage players have been training throughout the preseason and those that have been attending consistently are reaping the rewards.  Big improvers have been Col and Cam “Harry” Potter, while Kizza Isles is building on his underage best and fairest winning form from last season.  While the young boys have been training well it has been noticed by other members of the playing group that the underage players seem to be spending more than their fair share of time on the trainer’s table with Rod “Rocket” Smith prior to training each night!


The LFC’s self appointed number one supporter, The G-Train, has also shed plenty of weight over summer and is nearly down to playing weight.  This should allow “G” to run even more water this season!


Chooka announced the leadership group for 2010 after training last night.  The leadership group consists of the coaching staff of Chooka, JM, Luke “Calves” Goodsell and Besty as well as Bras as captain, Dave “the Doctor” Scott as his vice captain and Brad Turner.  I’m sure these guys will lead the club admirably in 2010 and hopefully see the club go one step further than the previous couple of seasons!


Preseason has been pretty full on to date, however those that have been attending regularly are noticing the benefits.  The playing group is in great condition and are really looking forward to taking on the ‘Bunna (and the bus trip back home) on Easter Saturday.


Paul 'Smokey' Jackson

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  1. Doctor

    What's this Menza? I thought I was designated reporter for I've been dropped!
    Great job though Jacko… Are you hoping that if you start calling yourself 'Smokey' everyone else will too?

  2. admin


    I was hoping that you would provide the weekly senior report.  I can't see Chooka being that enthused on doing a write up for me.  So you have been given a promotion if you are up to it.

    'Smokey' is what I call Jacko, but feel free to use.  I wont mind.

  3. admin

    Yes mate.  The fee for weekly articles is one stubbie out of the reserves box.

    I will ensure it is kept warm until after the senior game.

    The rotation policy sounds like a good idea!

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