Well, it’s that time again……

Pre season 2009 is underway and has started with some really good quality sessions and decent numbers for this time of year. Thinking about this pre season, I know its going to be tough. I’m not talking physically tough (although it will be at times!) I’m talking mentally tough. After the events of season 2008 there’s no doubt some players are going to find it tough to bounce back mentally and prepare themselves for another season. This is something myself and the other coaches will have to monitor closely to make sure everyone is getting the best out of themselves. Although what happened last year wont be forgotten it definitely wont be spoken about (this is the last time I’ll mention it!) but im sure it’ll be an underlying piece of motivation for all that were involved, and rightfully so.


On to the future, I sat down with the Doc (fitness coach Dave Scott) a few weeks before we started and we spoke about our approach to this pre season. We decided that we didn’t need to change a hell of a lot because what we were doing obviously works but what we did decide was “let’s make it more enjoyable”. We plan to add a lot more variety to our program and this will include things like Soccer, Gaelic Football, Gridiron, Basketball, Bike Riding etc. We also decided that a lot more of our sessions will be done with the balls, we’re hoping this will keep the enthusiasm and attendance up.


I’m looking forward to another great pre season and if what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by we’re in for another big year!


Daniel "Willey" Willing

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