Round 2 Colts Report

Saturday saw the colts take on New Norfolk in our first game on home soil. 
We were prepared for a massive challenge as New Norfolk are one of the benchmark teams.
During the first half, despite great endevour by the boys, New Norfolks superior skills and ball use shone through and they lead by around 90 pts at the major break. 
We talked at half time to keep battling and pressuring in the second half and to the boys credit they never once dropped their heads.  The second half drew some real positives with us only being outscored by 3 goals in the half and winning the last quarter.
Better players for the day included Bodie Savage, who was outstanding in his tagging role, Jordan McCullum, Shaun Frogson, Brad Joseph and Cam Potter.
We take on Dodges Ferry this week at Shark Park full of confidence.
Scotty Bester

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