Round 4 Reserves Report

Last week our reserves travelled to Triabunna in a game that was a lot more important than it looked. Not only did we have 10 players out of the side but we also were without coach Kaine Menzie who had work commitments. We went up there with the focus of winning very well as we wanted to stay in touch with the top sides and percentage may play a part.

The guys were switched on and focused from the start and played a great brand of team football. The guys totally controlled the football and only allowed them 1 goal for the game which is a great effort.

Although everyone played a part there were some standout performers. Brodie Phillips was great all day through the middle and topped it off with 5 goals, Ricky Batt was fantastic all day, Paul Johnstone gathered possessions at will and Anthony Clifford played his best game for the year on a wing.

Special mention to Nathan ‘Wombat’ Senior who took over the coaching role in the absence of Kaine.

This week we take on Sorell which will be a tough game so we must be switched on and ready to go.


Daniel Willing

Round 4 Seniors Report

Last week we travelled up to Triabunna where we were looking to continue our good form from the previous week. We had put a huge emphasis on consistency and were looking for a solid 4 quarter performance.

We started the game quickly and kicked 3 goals in the first 5 minutes but from then until the 20 minute mark of the second quarter we totally lost focus. We went away from our game plan and allowed Triabunna too much access to the football which in turn allowed them to hit the scoreboard more than we wanted. Although we had 15 goals on the board and held a 50 point lead at half time we were far from our best.

In the half time break we spoke about getting back to basics and following our game plan and we responded in a positive way. Our midfield got on top and we started controlling the football and due to this we held them goalless for the half while kicking 15 ourselves. We had some standout individuals on the day including Tom Robinson in the midfield, Aaron Hilder continued his great early season form, Justin fielding played his best game for the club and Tim Bracken marked everything that came his way.

This week we take on Sorell, in a game where we must be more consistent for the entire game. We look forward to the challenge.


Daniel "Willey" Willing

Round 1 Senior Report

Saturday saw us get our season started with a 79 point win against Brighton under lights at Pontville. Playing under lights was a new experience for most of our guys and one we thoroughly enjoyed. Going into the game we were unsure what to expect from Brighton as they were coming back from the Premier League and for that reason we were not going to take them lightly. The first quarter saw us kick with a pretty strong breeze and although we wasted opportunities we were able to hold a handy lead at the first break. Against the wind in the second quarter we were able to control the football and score at a consistent rate and for this reason we held a nice break at half time. Both the third and final quarters were ones of missed opportunities, we missed some very easy shots on goal and probably should’ve won by a lot more than 79 points. In a pretty even team performance Aaron Hilder was fantastic at Centre Half Forward, Gavin Quirk racked them up through the midfield, Todd Willing dominated the ruck and Nick Braslin led from the front all night. Jamie Tubb finished off some good work with 7 goals and Kurt Baker was dangerous at ground level and finished with 4 for the night.  

Although we were nowhere near our best it’s nice to get our season started with a win. This week we have a week off for the Easter break and look forward to playing Claremont the week after.


Daniel 'Willey' Willing

Well, it’s that time again……

Pre season 2009 is underway and has started with some really good quality sessions and decent numbers for this time of year. Thinking about this pre season, I know its going to be tough. I’m not talking physically tough (although it will be at times!) I’m talking mentally tough. After the events of season 2008 there’s no doubt some players are going to find it tough to bounce back mentally and prepare themselves for another season. This is something myself and the other coaches will have to monitor closely to make sure everyone is getting the best out of themselves. Although what happened last year wont be forgotten it definitely wont be spoken about (this is the last time I’ll mention it!) but im sure it’ll be an underlying piece of motivation for all that were involved, and rightfully so.


On to the future, I sat down with the Doc (fitness coach Dave Scott) a few weeks before we started and we spoke about our approach to this pre season. We decided that we didn’t need to change a hell of a lot because what we were doing obviously works but what we did decide was “let’s make it more enjoyable”. We plan to add a lot more variety to our program and this will include things like Soccer, Gaelic Football, Gridiron, Basketball, Bike Riding etc. We also decided that a lot more of our sessions will be done with the balls, we’re hoping this will keep the enthusiasm and attendance up.


I’m looking forward to another great pre season and if what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by we’re in for another big year!


Daniel "Willey" Willing

Pre-Season 2009

The LFC pre-season 2008/2009 is under way and Menza’s asked me to put together a report on what will be coming up for the next few weeks and months.

Daniel and I got together a few weeks ago and agreed that we want to make this pre-season a lot more enjoyable than last year. So while there’s still work to be done, there will be a lot less road running and a lot more variety. We’re keen to use the footy’s much earlier and we’re trying to have more fun with it by playing games of soccer, Gaelic footy, touch footy etc.

The second thing we agreed is that we were probably a bit hard on the less fit guys last year. They might have felt the level of work we were asking of them was unachievable, and that might have caused them to be less keen to get to training. So this year we’re starting off at a much easier level where everyone can achieve. Some of the fitter guys might feel like this isn’t a benefit to them, but we hope that those guys have the discipline to do some extra work in their own time, and there will be opportunities to push yourself hard at training.

The schedule at the moment is two nights a week, Monday and Wednesday’s at Geilston Bay High School starting at 6pm. We’re also having an optional run on Thursdays for those who want to do a bit extra. The venue will be somewhere other than Geilston Bay, and will be advised each week. If you’re on facebook, check out the group at:  This will have updates each week.

The basic plan over pre-season is to try and get the whole group to a basic level of fitness before Christmas and ramp up the intensity in January and February. If you’re a little bit unfit, now is the time to get along to training and make sure you’re not too far behind the pack when the New Year rolls around.

In the first week, it’s been good to see blokes like Daniel Donovan and Paul Jackson at every session, keen to get their fitness levels up and set themselves up for big seasons. We’ve had over 20 each night, and we’ve had some hard fought games of Gaelic and American football.

So let’s try and keep the numbers up and bring along a few more. If you can’t get to training try and find time for a run, and remember to keep Daniel up to date.

Dave "The Doctor" Scott