10 Brodie Phillips

Name: Brodie Phillips
Nickname: BJ / The White Jesus / Muhammed Al-Beej
Age/height/weight: 27 yrs, 173cm, 73kg
Position: Currently seated ergonomically in office chair
Previous clubs: Central Hawks are a club that previously existed
Favourite football memory: Footballs are inanimate and therefore do not possess memories. Even if they did, they would not be able to communicate them to me at this stage of their evolutionary development
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Might have illnesses
Favourite Movie: Sicey’s Snapchat
Biggest influence on career: The earth’s atmosphere
Toughest opponent: The young overweight lady that stands in the forward pocket for Cygnet has a bit of go in her
Favourite Two Blues Player: Scare bear/Carrots
Best advice to juniors: Dont take advice from Brody
Best advice to past self: Bash Howla when he is little
Most embarrassing moment: Almost getting out of an elevator on the wrong level


Southern Football League

2016Lindisfarne Two Blues