68 Jesse Gardner

Name: Jesse Gardner
Nickname:  Jess, Brokeback, That Macintosh chick, Cupid
Age/height/weight: 17/178cm/ripped
Position: Next to that Macintosh chick
Previous clubs: North Hobart
Favourite football memory:  Falling in love for the first time.
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Not in love
Favourite Movie: The Notebook
Biggest influence on career: That Macintosh
Toughest opponent: Macintosh chick
Favourite Two Blues Player: Sicey
Best advice to juniors:  Have a few drinks and fall in love
Best advice to past self: Get that Macintosh chicks number
Most embarrassing moment:  When I fell in love with that Macintosh chick but she’s into water sports and I’m no good at that.