40 Jordi Watson

Name: Jordi Watson
Nickname: JWat,  Jor, Stinky, Spiethy
Age/height/weight: 22, 180, 146kg
Position: Half Back / quarter back / quarter pounder
Previous clubs: North Hobart
Favourite football memory: Admire Ratki winning 2014 Caufield Cup
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Choke, Fosters, Skinny
Favourite Movie: The secret life of Walter Dare.
Biggest influence on career: All of my coaches.
Toughest opponent: All of them.
Favourite Two Blues Player: Walter Dare
Best advice to juniors: Work hard
Best advice to past self: Should of worked harder!
Most embarrassing moment: Was seen once having a beer with Matthew Howell