48 Josh Young

“One kit can change your life forever”

Name: Josh Young
Nickname: Youngy, Old Man, The Fat controller, The Train Driver, Choo Choo
Position: Driver’s seat (Of my Train)
Previous clubs: N-STD-A (Northern-Suburbs Train Driver-Association)
Favourite football memory: When i went to the club in my favourite old man kit
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Small Choo Choo
Favourite Movie: Thomas the Tank Engine
Biggest influence on career: Thomas
Toughest opponent: The passengers
Favourite Two Blues Player: TC, he’s the closest to a train
Best advice to juniors: All aboard
Best advice to past self: Always kkeep a spare train driver or old man kit in the car
Most embarrassing moment: When i went to the club in casual clothes forgetting both my old man costume and train driver outfit