9 Matt Jarvis

Name: Matt Jarvis
Nickname: Richard, Lady killer,  Jarvo
Age/height/weight: Looks 38 / midge / over
Position: Wing attack / wing defense
Previous clubs: 100 Club, Video Ezy
Favourite football memory: Micky Paul turning one on at Anzac Park in the 2015 finals
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: My Idol
Favourite Movie: Backyard Door Respected Women 2014
Biggest influence on career: The Mirror
Toughest opponent: Bag Boy (Sorell)
Favourite Two Blues Player: Nic (Stats) Hut
Best advice to juniors: Don’t listen to anything your coach (Howla) says, kick it to Nic Hut.
Best advice to past self: Should of played with Claremont in the 2015 season
Most embarrassing moment: Kicking 2.4 against Huonville last year when everyone knows I’m the best kick in the team.