38 Matt Phillips

Name: Matt Phillips
Nickname: Phlippa, Vulture
Age/height/weight: 25yo/1900mm/80-100kgs
Position: Ruckingman/Half Forward
Previous clubs: 11 years a Two Blue
Favourite football memory:  Winning the 2016 grand final
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Scooter. Crash. Derrrrrrr.
Favourite Movie: Up
Biggest influence on career: Justin Myers
Toughest opponent: Mark Horne
Favourite Two Blues Player: Ryan Edmondson/Chroy Cunliffe
Best advice to juniors: Take the fall. Act hurt. Get indignant
Best advice to past self: Wouldn’t change a thing. I’m perfect
Most embarrassing moment: Jimmy Mitchell put his hand out for a hand shake, got denied, tried to pretend it didn’t happen, but we all saw it… Didn’t we Jimmy.