26 Matt Tringrove

Name: Matt Tringrove
Nickname: Tringa
Age/height/weight: 26/105cm/85kg
Position: On the ground
Previous clubs: Lauderdale, Dodges Ferry
Favourite football memory: Winning underage grand final and winning George Watt medal
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Slimey
Favourite Movie: Gone in 60 seconds
Biggest influence on career: Team mates
Toughest opponent: Michael Thompson
Favourite Two Blues Player: Trent Clarke, Phil Ashlin
Best advice to juniors:  If you’re not fit, get fit!
Best advice to past self: If you get injured and you’re told not to play again “play again” 🙂
Most embarrassing moment: Kicking the ball the wrong way about 50m