15 Ollie Rand

Name: Ollie Rand
Nickname: REVERAND, REVEREND, Virg, Virgil
Age/height/weight: Middle aged / pretty tall / NA
Position: High flyer, top of peoples shoulders
Previous clubs: Clazza
Favourite football memory: Sitting on at least 5 different shoulders against Claremont
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Cant take hangers
Favourite Movie: Planes
Biggest influence on career: Fat Mit
Toughest opponent: Short blokes
Favourite Two Blues Player: Maz
Best advice to juniors: Use them as step ladders
Best advice to past self: Try and mark the footy at least once when versing Claremont
Most embarrassing moment: Sitting on at least 5 different sets of shoulders but not clunking one.