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Mick Callinan Fund Letter

mick callinan fundGood morning,
The Mick Callinan Fund has been approached to assist another family in need. To help us optimise the maximum financial benefit we can provide for this family Paul Hudson (Assistant Coach at Collingwood) has given us a signed Collingwood Guernsey.
It is a genuine playing Guernsey worn by No. 21 Sharrod Wellingham (unframed) & signed by Collingwood’s list.
The Guernsey is distinct as there are very different components to it, as compared to a Guernsey you would by from a sports store.
We’re seeking bids from any interested party or ask that you forward this email to any Collingwood fan who may be interested in acquiring such a rare item.
If you require a look at the Guernsey I’m only too happy to organise a viewing, or call me on 0409 342 055.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
Scott Morrisby