Home Second Semi-Final & Thank You

Congratulations to all, involved in securing our rightful home final next week.
The revoking of the (SFL) decision for us to proceed with our home final sees "commonsense" prevail. Despite media reports of us "not getting off our backsides" to field an under 17 side, we all know that tireless efforts were made by the Club to field a side for the 2008 season.
Seeking legal action was our last resort as we officially requested a reversal of the harsh penalty at prior meetings and by correspondence.  Engaging Legal Counsel Guy Able (Hunt & Hunt) was a smart move due to his extensive legal knowledge in these types of matters.  Guy has acted for us and the Cricket Club in the past which resulted in successful outcomes for the respective Clubs'. 
It's now time for us to support our players both in the reserves and senior sides in their efforts to win the flags for the Lindisfarne Football Club.  Good luck and "go for it" boys!!!

Jamie Bone

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