Media Release 8th August 2008

The Lindisfarne Football Club was this week stripped of its right to host a second semi final home game despite becoming minor premiers for the season.

At a SFL Regional League meeting this week attended by representatives of all Clubs, a vote was taken against Lindisfarne hosting the final because the Club failed to field an under 17 side for the 2008 season.

The Lindisfarne Executive announced the Leagues’ decision to players’ and members’ after Thursday night’s training session.  The Executive informed players that the second semi final will now be held at another venue on Saturday the 23rd August.

The decision was a indirect result from meetings with the Regional Clubs’ last year and a meeting earlier this year, that any Club failing to field an under 17 side would be penalised in some form.

It was also announced that revenue from the day will be directed to the Regional League without compensation to the Club.  The decision to host the final at another venue will see a loss of revenue for the Lindisfarne Football Club of around $15,000 to $20,000.

A delegation of Lindisfarne Football Club members headed by Mr Jamie Bone will be seeking a reversal of the League’s decision or at least appropriate monetary compensation to the Club through the Club’s Executive.

Mr Bone said that the players and supporters had worked hard all year and earned the right to host the final given that both the Seniors’ and Reserves’ have performed exceptionally well.

He further said that while it would not bother the players to play at another venue, there is precedence through the SFL Regional League and other leagues that Clubs’ in our position are granted home game finals.  The potential loss of revenue to Lindisfarne would be detrimental and was unacceptable.

There is no secret that our Club has struggled on and off the field over the years and tried valiantly in the off season to field an under 17 side.  In fact the Club did field an under 17 side on several occasion throughout the year which were counted as practice matches.  Mr Bone said that the Club had recently appointed a well known junior development officer to ensure the Club fields sides in all grades next year.

Mr Bone stated that he was disappointed to learn that other struggling Clubs had voted against Lindisfarne hosting the final and will be meeting with members, coaches and players throughout the week to discuss courses of action.  Any courses of action will be directed to the Regional League via the Club’s Executive, which will include seeking legal advice.

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