Practice Match -v- St Virgils

Saturday March 13th saw the new look Two Blues take on St.Virgil's in scorching conditions at Rosetta High. The match was played over five quarters (fifths?) with our senior squad on the park for the first three with new senior coach Justin “Chooka” Rainbird at the helm, and our future stars playing the final two under the watchful eye of Kaine "Mr. Sheffield" Menzie.


The match started out at a willing pace with an early crunching tackle from Dave "The Enforcer" Scott spelling lights out for a big St. Virgil's boy, and sending a frightening sign of things to come to opposition players throughout the south of the state. Fortunately, the big fella picked himself up and the game continued at high pace.


The Two Blues controlled the first three quarters, demonstrating our fitness in the heat after a tough pre-season. Despite our dominance in possession though, we were unable to open up a big lead due to some poor goal kicking, and a lack of help for our defenders against an impressive St. Virgil's outfit. Nevertheless, there were some exciting individual performances, particularly from our new recruits Josh “Boofa” White, Leigh “Leroy” Milbourne, Dave “Wools” Wooley, and Troy “Malza” Hitchens.


The midfield machine ticked away with plenty of clearances from captain Nick Braslin, Brad “Boof” Turner, Justin “Froggy” Fielding and Tom “Homma” Robinson, fed beautifully by ruckmen Paul “Smokey” Jackson and Josh “Yonna” McWilliams. The three-pronged attack of Jamie “Tubby” Tubb, Tim Bracken, and Aaron “Squiz” Hilder functioned brilliantly, ably supported by young Kase Miller. It was also great to see the “Rowdy Brothers” Brody and Matt Phillips, as well as Shaun Haberfield, play strongly down back.


The last two quarters gave our younger players a chance to impress Chooka and Menza, and plenty of guys grabbed their chance with both hands. Matt “Stoney” Stone, Big Scotty O’Connell at full-back, Brad "Beatles" Johnson, Chris “Psycho” Turner, Nathan “Haysey” Hay,  brothers  “Hezza”  and “Jezza” Pfeiffer, and young Cam "Harry" Potter all impressed. It appears there will be plenty of guys pushing for senior selection this year, which can only be a good thing.


All in all, Saturday’s match was a great first hit out which showed the Two Blues faithful should have plenty to look forward to in 2010. However, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, so we need to keep up the great attendances at training and continue working hard. Thanks to St. Virgil’s for providing a great challenge in a match that was played in excellent spirit. The Saints look like a well-oiled machine under new coach Britto and will be big contenders for the Old Scholars trophy this year.


Dave "The Doctor/Enforcer" Scott

9 responses on “Practice Match -v- St Virgils

  1. Jacko

    You're a knob…that bloke being concussed had nothing to do with your tackle…his head hit the ground!
    I do like Robbo's new nickname though!

  2. Robbo

    Haha your a c?*k Dave! Since when was your nickname the 'enforcer'?? It's not cool to give yourself nicknames mate. Its also not cool to take my calls, such as you and duz being hommas, and turn them on me as a nick name. It reminds me of high school, when a bird said my mates c?*k was like a jelly bean so I started to call him beana. For the next 4 years of my life that was what I got called. WTF! Not cool…

  3. Doc

    Mate that's rubbish, I think what actually happened is he saw me running at him and he fainted!
    Yes make sure everyone use Robbo's new nickname cause he's not happy with it

  4. Doc

    Ha ha sorry Beana, but I like your calls. You can give yourself a nickname for the next match report. Something cool, like "the enforcer"

  5. Leroy

    Great article Enforcer, excellent work with the nicknames (and the real names as I don't know many of them). Ease up Homma, maybe you should get involved and write an article.

  6. nicknames now tuffc@!t

    Thanks Menz, I appreciate that.
    Leroy, there could be an issue with me writing a match report. There would be a very large chance that the whole thing would revolve around my good self , regardless of whether I got anywhere near the footy or not. As we all want this site to flourish and people to actually enjoy the reports, I have taken it upon myself to refuse any offer to contribute to this site unless Menz gets his rather large checkbook out.
    TuffC@!t out

  7. Duzzy

    haha the enforcer scott, homma robinson this is brilliant a great article to start the year – but does anyone know the score or was it just kick to kick?
    any chance i can get a youtube clip of the enforcer in action it sounds like a bone crinching takcle… maybe you lads could just get D Wickham down from rochea to keep the enforcer quiet just like he did up there… sorry dave i know you hate that
    keep the funny stuff up lads and good luck round 1
    Duzzy #2

  8. Doc

    Ahhhh look out, old Bear Hollis puts his two bobs worth in from across the water. You just concentrate on getting a kick for the West London Wildcats mate. And for your information Wickham went up against "The Doctor", who I'm sure we all agree was great, but a mere shadow of the mighty specimen they call "The Enforcer".
    No scoreboard, but we might have snuck home just I reckon. I think someone might have filmed my tackle but we can't get our hands on the tape as it's currently with the coroner who is investigating the incident.

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