Pre-Season 2009

The LFC pre-season 2008/2009 is under way and Menza’s asked me to put together a report on what will be coming up for the next few weeks and months.

Daniel and I got together a few weeks ago and agreed that we want to make this pre-season a lot more enjoyable than last year. So while there’s still work to be done, there will be a lot less road running and a lot more variety. We’re keen to use the footy’s much earlier and we’re trying to have more fun with it by playing games of soccer, Gaelic footy, touch footy etc.

The second thing we agreed is that we were probably a bit hard on the less fit guys last year. They might have felt the level of work we were asking of them was unachievable, and that might have caused them to be less keen to get to training. So this year we’re starting off at a much easier level where everyone can achieve. Some of the fitter guys might feel like this isn’t a benefit to them, but we hope that those guys have the discipline to do some extra work in their own time, and there will be opportunities to push yourself hard at training.

The schedule at the moment is two nights a week, Monday and Wednesday’s at Geilston Bay High School starting at 6pm. We’re also having an optional run on Thursdays for those who want to do a bit extra. The venue will be somewhere other than Geilston Bay, and will be advised each week. If you’re on facebook, check out the group at:  This will have updates each week.

The basic plan over pre-season is to try and get the whole group to a basic level of fitness before Christmas and ramp up the intensity in January and February. If you’re a little bit unfit, now is the time to get along to training and make sure you’re not too far behind the pack when the New Year rolls around.

In the first week, it’s been good to see blokes like Daniel Donovan and Paul Jackson at every session, keen to get their fitness levels up and set themselves up for big seasons. We’ve had over 20 each night, and we’ve had some hard fought games of Gaelic and American football.

So let’s try and keep the numbers up and bring along a few more. If you can’t get to training try and find time for a run, and remember to keep Daniel up to date.

Dave "The Doctor" Scott

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