Round 4 recap

Seniors Match Report – Round 4 Brighton (5.9-39) def by Lindisfarne (19.14-128)

The twin towers of the SFL, Bert and Stinky Wat in the Reserves were the reason the Seniors came out dominating in the first quarter 51-7.
The team continued the day with Bert-like strength, while displaying a Stinky Wat-style courage.

The only negative for the day would be the younger Mitchell brother, James coming away with severe nasal trauma causing local swelling of the nasal passages. The older, more experienced Mitchell brother Callum could be seen dancing around the opposition like a gazelle frolicking in the flowers, with the doza TC (Troy Cunliffe) acting as a lawn mower clearing the long grass for a clear dance floor for C MIT.

TC noted post match that he is finding Bert and Stinky Wat’s supreme mentoring to be paying real dividends this season.
The final result for the seniors was as big as Bert’s biceps or Stinky Wat’s waist line before the lap band.

-Bertolini & Lord Stinkinton Wat


Reserves Match Report – Round 4 Brighton (10.5-65) def Lindisfarne (6.9-45)

The Ressies had a hard day. From the get go, they were chasing the Robins but the small insectivorous passerine bird’s flying abilities were far too quick for the Blues.

Not even the fortress down back lead by Bertolini and Lord Stinkinton Wat could command them to victory.

The final quarter saw the boys come out guns blazing, managing to beat the small songbirds. The last quarter proved why the chix dig the back six.
If only they had played all four quarters as they did in the fourth one, who knows what could have happened?

-Bertolini & Lord Stinkinton Wat


Colts Match Report – Round 4 Brighton (12.15-87) def Lindisfarne ( 5.7-37)

In the 18’s it was the top of the table clash between the Brighton Robins and the undefeated Lindisfarne Two Blues in a heavy weight blockbuster.

It was a scrappy start to the game with Brighton dominating play but inaccurate kicking by Brighton kept Lindisfarne in the match, who took their chances going forward.

At quarter time a fired up coaching team of HOWLA and FRITTA gave the boys a solid spray asking for more commitment at the footy.

Unfortunately, the young two blues side didn’t respond and couldn’t play with the same intensity they had in previous weeks, and the Robins took control of the match and ran out convincing winners.

It was a reality check for the young side who learnt a valuable lesson; you must come to play in this sport as talent alone will not get you the 4 points. The boys will aim to bounce back against an in form Huonville outfit.



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