79 Ashley Kersher-Donkers

Name: Ashley Kersher-Donkers
Nickname: DONKERS, Eyebrows, Slash, the kersh, slash, KD, Durantula
Age/height/weight: 18/160cm/180kgs
Position: Kitchen Hand
Previous clubs: Lower house
Favourite football memory: Shaving my eyebrows
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Iron jaw
Favourite Movie: Justin Beiber documentary
Biggest influence on career: The tippers
Toughest opponent: Absinthe (Green Fairy)
Favourite Two Blues Player: Trent Clark
Best advice to juniors: Shave your eyebrows and get on the tippers
Best advice to past self: Only shave one eyebrow
Most embarrassing moment: When my eyebrows grew back