22 Ben Dean

Name: Ben Dean
Nickname: Benny, Benny Dean, Deany 
Age/height/weight31/ 5ft 9 maybe?/ 78kg
Position: Midfield
Previous clubsClarence  U/15, Lindisfarne Junior footy club(long time ago)
Favourite football memory: Playing first match past season, first game since I was 14 – was pretty stoked
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Cleo Bachelor 2015?
Favourite Movie: Terminator
Biggest influence on career: Scotty Bester for hassling me to play
Toughest opponent: unsure
Favourite Two Blues Player: Troy Cunliffe – massive work ethic
Best advice to juniors: Get out your comfort zone
Best advice to past self: Take footy back up earlier in life
Most embarrassing moment: Too many