60 Cullen Butters

Name: Cullen Butters
Nickname: Cut/Butters
Age/height/weight:  15 yrs, 176cm, 65kg
Position: Wing/half forward
Previous clubs: Clarence
Favourite football memory: Watching West Coast get over the line against North Melbourne at Blundstone arena, cracker of a game.
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: rig to aspire
Favourite Movie: Inception
Biggest influence on career:  Father
Toughest opponent:  Gee, haven’t bumped into any.
Favourite Two Blues Player: Troy Cunliffe
Best advice to juniors: ‘Play with your mates and eventually you’ll be playing with fellow superstars,’.
Best advice to past self: Back yourself more.
Most embarrassing moment: Getting a centre clearance for the opposition.