46 Danton Evans

Name: Danton Evans
Nickname: Cynthia / Dants / Sabrina
Age/height/weight:  22, 178cm, 75kg
Position: Half Back/Forward
Previous clubs: NA
Favourite football memory: Kain Davey claiming a goal when it was a point.
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Lindisfarne Poster Boy
Favourite Movie: Ferris Buellers Day Out
Biggest influence on career: Kain Davey
Toughest opponent: Kain Davey
Favourite Two Blues Player: Kain Davey
Best advice to juniors: Don’t be like Kain Davey
Best advice to past self: Be more like Kain Davey
Most embarrassing moment: Being seen with Kain Davey