71 Kaleb Goninon

Name: Kaleb Goninon
Nickname: Goninon, Kleb, Onion
Age/height/weight: Age: 17, Height: 173cm, Weight: 71
Position: Forward flank/Mid
Previous clubs: Claremont 2004-2005, Hobart 2006-2009, Glenorchy 2010-2014, Lindisfarne 2016
Favourite football memory: Witnessing Andrew Skywalker’s specky.
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Swoll af
Favourite Movie: Step Brothers
Biggest influence on career: Patchy
Toughest opponent: Nahh?
Favourite Two Blues Player: Not Cameron Reid.
Best advice to juniors: Train like you play.
Best advice to past self: Have composure
Most embarrassing moment: This profile photo.