58 Kayde Johnson

Name: Kayde Johnson
Nickname: Kaydo, seagull, can I have a lift
Age/height/weight: 17/201cm/ 98kgs
Position: Back seat of someone’s car that is giving me a lifts.
Previous clubs: Clarence’s lifts for petty social club
Favourite football memory:  Killing a seagull
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less:  Not good enough
Favourite Movie: anything with Steven seagull
Biggest influence on career: Metro buses
Toughest opponent: Fritta when he wouldn’t give me a lift.
Favourite Two Blues Player: Stats hut
Best advice to juniors: Give me a lift
Best advice to past self: Remember your bus money.
Most embarrassing moment:  When I didn’t have bus money or a lift from white beach.