85 Matthew Burr

Name: Matthew Burr
Nickname: Burry, Burrza or MattyBURRger, Maccas lover, Burr, bigger than tucka
Age/height/weight: 6yo, 76cm 15kgs
Position: Emergency
Previous clubs: Clarence bowls club
Favourite football memory: watching Hawthorn win a three in a row, Showers with Macca
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Bullies me constantly
Favourite Movie: Super Size me
Biggest influence on career: Dad/Macca
Toughest opponent: Brendan klok / Macca’s mum
Favourite Two Blues Player: Ben Geoffrey Woods and Macca
Best advice to juniors: Learn to handball and kick in your non preferred and be like Macca
Best advice to past self: learn to kick on your non preferred and be friends with Macca sooner.
Most embarrassing moment: arriving late to a game and that one time I wasn’t with Macca and people saw me.