24 Rob Sice

Name: Rob Sice
Nickname: Bert,  Bertrude,  Sicey Super Schnitzel Von Crumb,  Jane_a
Age/height/weight: Mid 20s / above average height / light heavy weight
Position: Yoganidrasana / Ground and Pound / Full mount
Previous clubs: Clarence
Favourite football memory: Got picked once and Braz’ 250th
Favourite ground: Rear Naked Choke
Describe Matt Howell in 3 words or less: Sloppy oily mess
Biggest influence on career: Emmanuel Tsakiris  https://www.facebook.com/etsa17
Toughest opponent: Myself
Favourite Two Blues Player: Stats Hut
Pastime/Hobbies: Getting/Being injured
Football ambition: To play again
Other Sports: Aggressive cuddling / StuFu
Best advice to juniors: Go hard and be rough as guts m8
Best advice to past self:  Go harder… at football as well
Biggest football disappointment: My career
Most embarrassing moment:  Calling the coach to say I was going to be late then when I arrived I realised I was an hour early so I decided to waste some time and ended up being late anyway.