Round 6 Reserves Report

On Saturday we travelled up the midland to take on Central Hawks at Oatlands, in very windy and extremely cold conditions.

The game was a very even contest and it didn’t seem that any team really wanted to be out there early and it was only for a ten minute spell of good football that got us a 28 point victory.

Our communication out on the ground still seems to be a real problem for us at the moment and it’s something that we really have to work on.  On a positive, we persisted in the terrible conditions all day until we finally broke the hawks and started playing some good football.

Shaun Haberfield was great down back repelling attacks, Sam Paino ran the ball hard into the wind and could have easily ended up with 5 goals but the wind seemed to get the better of his kicks.  Nick McWilliams was hard in any position he played and Andrew Clarke was in and under the packs when he needed to be.  Chris Harper and Matt Stone were good in playing their specific roles for the team.  

We have the bye this week which will give us a well earned break and give us a chance to re-group and regain some injured players to our lists in preparation for some hard games to come.

I will take this chance to congratulate the reserves side on being undefeated so far this season and to remind them that we still have a lot of potential to improve but we will only get better through hard work on the training track and being disciplined and focussed.  


Kaine Menzie

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