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Round 7 Reserves Report

On the weekend we took on undefeated Claremont at home, who eventually broke the shackles in the last quarter to defeat us by 17 points. 

Even though we have been hit by some injuries and a loss of players to the seniors due to a number of reasons, we still went into the game full of confidence that if we worked hard and stuck to our structures we would give a good account of ourselves. 

Our contested football was very good, we played in front of our opponents and won a lot of the hard football, but we let ourselves down with our poor work rate and the pressure we put on Claremont was dismal when they had possession. This in turn put a huge amount of pressure on the back line, which held strong for the majority of the game.

Ian Mackenzie, Jordan McCallum and Kieran Isles were given an opportunity to step up from the Colts and all of them played extremely well showing that they are more than capable at this level. 

Matt Stone tried hard all day and his attack on the football was an example for others to follow.  Ricky Batt was a general in defense and continually tried to lift the side and the Pfeiffer brothers, Henry and Jeremy played another good game both showing superb skills. 

This Saturday we take on the Lions in what I am sure will be a better account of ourselves and hopefully a return to some of our best footy.

Kaine Menzie

New Recruits 2010


lfc recruits 2010

New Recruits To The LFC for season 2010

Some of the new recruits to the lfc for season 2010 include: Josh White, Troy Hitchins, Henry Pfeiffer, Jeremy Pfeiffer (all Sorell), David Wooley (Natone), Leigh Milbourne (Nth Hobart), Shaun Skelly (retirement), Damien Tonks (Triabunna), Jesse Hamill (Queenstown), Scott O'Connell, Dexter Bertoldo (Central Hawks), Wally Dare and Stuart Dare (Rugby Union)